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Theory Help

Many pupils struggle to understand the theory of music and aspects of aural. Because of this, I have covered some of the more common aspects on these theory help pages.

Please feel free to print off the content that is relevant to you.

Clefs and Staves Time Signatures Key Signatures Dominant Sevenths Intervals Degrees Triads Transposition Theory of Scales

The links above include;

Clefs and Staves

An overview of the four main clefs used to define pitch

Time Signatures

How to understand the way music is grouped in notation

Key Signatures

Why does a scale have the sharps or flats that it has? And how to work out the key of the piece of music you are playing

Dominant Sevenths

How to build and work out these strange arpeggios used in practical examinations.


How to define the distance between two different noted


Definitions and uses of the seven different notes used in major and minor scales


All you could wish to learn about these chords


How to make two different instruments of differing pitch play the same piece of music and sound the same

Theory of Scales

All you could possibly wish to know about the many scales used in music today including how to build them in a simple way

I apologise for some of the poor graphics quality of some of the notation and time signatures on these theory help pages.