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I have been giving instrumental and theory lessons since 1989 and currently teach at Yateley Manor school and the City of London Freemen’s school. The instruments that I teach are; recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone and jazz piano. Lessons are also given in improvisation, theory and aural. Besides the teaching, I run various ensembles including the wind band orchestra at Yateley Manor. At the Freemen’s school, I accompany a choir, rehearse the junior wind band, senior concert band, a mini jazz ensemble and the senior school jazz band.

Performances for these ensembles include assemblies, concerts and other school events. The jazz band have had the honour to perform in the Lord Mayor’s parade in London a few times and also for the Lord Mayor’s Red Cross Christmas charity event in London.

I write musical arrangements for the wind bands and orchestra which are performed for the various school commitments each year.

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Above are page links offering advice and information to pupils and parents including the latest Associated Board results and what to expect in the examination. There is also a Hall of Fame page for all past pupils who have earned a distinction in their practical and theory examinations.

If you have problems with the purchase of music, have a reliable and very comprehensive library of music including the Associated Board exam music. I can recommend this company as I use it very often. If you use this link I may earn a small commission on your purchases at no extra cost to you.