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P S Jazz

P S Jazz

P. S Jazz is a guitar and saxophone duo that specialises in gentle music you can listen to and still talk over. The ensemble is named after the players who are Paul Smith and Paul Sogaard.

The duo is acoustic which is without amplification. One benefit is this ensemble is more mobile than groups with the need for electricity or a drum set up. Another benefit is that musically, this ensemble is more ‘organic’ leading for some expressive and creative moments between the two instruments.

The repertoire typically used has been chosen specifically for the soothing and relaxing ambience. Examples of some of the pieces P S Jazz performs are classics such as Over the Rainbow, Angel Eyes, Misty and Gershwin’s beautiful melody Summertime. Of course we do perform livelier pieces such as St Thomas, Satin Doll and Take the A Train should the mood be right.

P S Jazz is ideal entertainment for dinner parties, wedding receptions and other intimate situations enabling your guests to relax and enjoy your special celebrations while still able to enjoy a conversation.