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Music Arrangements

This page is for players in ensembles that I write the music for. Mostly for the junior wind band at Freemen’s, the wind band and orchestra at Yateley Manor.

The audio files are free to download and have been compressed to play in most mp3 compatible devices.

If you have any problems with any downloads, please let me know via email.

Some of the sounds may be a little different to the finished product due to some quirks with Sibelius the software I use to write the music.

The Trolley Song

The Trolley Song.mp3

See Water

See Water.mp3

Les Miserable Medley

Les Miserables Medley.mp3

Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat.mp3 Three Kings Fantasia CLFS.mp3

Jingle Bells

Beatles Medley

Jingle Bells CLFS.mp3 Beatles Medley CLFS.mp3

Three Kings Fantasia

Ode to Ode YM Orch.mp3

Ode To Ode

Nursery Mayhem

Nursery Mayhem YM.mp3

The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther.mp3

The Jungle Book Medley

Jungle Book Medley CLFS.mp3