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Live Music

Live music has the power to enhance or ruin your special occasion before it has started. I perform in all of the ensembles at Paul Smith music so this means that at the venue, you have a point of contact if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the musical support provided for your event. If you have any queries or are concerned about any aspect of the entertainment, please do not hesitate to contact me. My success very much depends on your successful event.

The following is a guide to the various ensembles at Paul Smith Music.

Piano I usually provide my own electric piano and only require a power supply to provide non intrusive music that you can talk over. If you have a piano at the venue I can of course use it if it is in good working order.

Piano DemoPiano_Demo.mp3

Saxophone This is a solo act that uses a keyboard for backing tracks that I have recorded and requires a little more space for setting up than piano on its own. The repertoire is huge and varied and is suitable for livelier background music which can be danced to. A power supply is required.

Saxophone DemoSaxophone_Demo.wav

Jazz Bands There are three jazz bands available. Duo’s from P R Jazz or P S Jazz, P R Jazz quartet and the magnificent seven-piece Dixie band called Trading in Jazz. Repertoire is performed by professional musicians that is great to listen or dance to.

P R JazzP_R_Jazz_Demo.mp3

Trading in JazzTrading_in_Jazz_Demo.wav

Fabulous All Stars This line up is made up of some fantastic musicians who have catered for the big occasion on many times and will not disappoint.

All Stars DemoAll_Stars_Demo.wav

Classical This works best as a two piece although a soloist with backing tracks is also available. With an astonishing repertoire, the music is of recital standard performed on the oboe, clarinet or saxophone with accompaniment on the piano. It will enhance both formal and informal occasions and is particularly effective for the signing of the register during weddings for example.

As with all ensembles, with notice it may be possible to learn a piece of music that is not listed in the repertoires.