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Classical Repertoire

This repertoire is constantly being added to. If your request is not here, please ask to see if it can be added.

The repertoire is listed as;

Composer, Work & Instrument

Anon Minuet for the Mock Trumpet Clarinet

Baermann Adagio Clarinet

Baermann Schlummerleid Clarinet

Baissiere Sonata No3 Clarinet

Barret Song Without Words Oboe

Bartok Pleasantry II Clarinet

Bartok Scherzando Clarinet

Bernstein America Clarinet

Bernstein One Hand One Heart Saxophone

Bernstein Tonight Saxophone

Besozzi Allegretto Oboe

Bizet L'Arlesienne Saxophone

Blemant Petite Jeu Saxophone

Boismortier March Oboe

Bouillon Valse Saxophone

Brahms Symphony No3 Clarinet

Brahms Berceuse (Lullaby) Saxophone

Brahms Sunday Saxophone

Brahms Sur le Lac Saxophone

Cesar Franck Andantino Oboe

Chandler Hornpipe Oboe

Chedeville Le Fanfaron Oboe

Chris Hazell Ho-Hoe-Down Saxophone

Cimarosa Concerto Oboe

Clarke Romance Clarinet

Cole Landscape for Laurie Lee Oboe

Corelli Prelude and Gavotte Oboe

Corelli Largo Saxophone

Corelli Pastorale Saxophone

Corelli-Barbirolli Concerto Oboe

Couperin La Bourbonnaise Oboe

Couperin Gavotte Saxophone

Couperin Les Pelerines Saxophone

Couppey Air Espagnol Saxophone

Couppey Air Tendre Saxophone

Debussy Petite Piece Clarinet

Debussy The Little Shepherd Oboe

Debussy Danse Bohemienne Saxophone

Debussy Golliwogg's Cake Walk Saxophone

Debussy Jimbo's Lullaby Saxophone

Debussy La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin Saxophone

Debussy Le Petite Negro Saxophone

Debussy The Little Shepherd Saxophone

Delius Serenade Oboe

Dittersdorf Concerto in G Oboe

Dvorak Cello Concerto Clarinet

Eileen Clewes Kaleidoscope Oboe

Elgar Chanson de Matin Oboe

Elgar Salut d'amour Saxophone

Ferguson Four Short Pieces Clarinet

Ferguson Four Short Pieces Clarinet

Fesch Largo and Gavotte Oboe

Finzi Five Bagatelles Clarinet

Fraser Scherzino Oboe

Gade Fantasy Piece Clarinet

German Andante Clarinet

German Romance Clarinet

German Pastorale Oboe

Gershwin A Foggy Day Saxophone

Gershwin Bess You Is My Woman Saxophone

Gershwin Embraceable You Saxophone

Gershwin I Got Rhythm Saxophone

Gershwin It Ain't Necessarily So Saxophone

Gershwin Let's Call The Whole Thing  Saxophone

Gershwin Oh Lady Be Good Saxophone

Gershwin Summertime Saxophone

Gershwin S'Wonderful Saxophone

Gershwin They Can't Take That Away Saxophone

Gluck Dance Of The Blessed Spirits Oboe

Gluck Iphigenie en Tauride Saxophone

Godard Chanson du Berger Saxophone

Gregson Stepping Out… Saxophone

Gretry Romance Saxophone

Grieg Holberg Suite Clarinet

Grieg Waltz Oboe

Grieg Solveigs Song Saxophone

Gritton Reverie Clarinet

Gurewich Czardas Saxophone

Handel Concerto No 3 Oboe

Handel Concerto No2 Oboe

Handel Sicilliano Oboe

Handel Sonata in Cm Oboe

Handel Sonata in Gm Oboe

Handel Bouree Saxophone

Handel Siciliana Saxophone

Hasse Tambourin Oboe

Haydn German Dance Clarinet

Haydn Andante Canabile Oboe

Haydn Allemande Saxophone

Haydn Serenade Saxophone

Hummel Ecossaise Saxophone

Humperdinck Hansel and Gretel Oboe

Hurlstone Four Character Pieces Clarinet

Ilyinsky Noor and Anitra Saxophone

J Barbirolli Concerto on Pergolesi Oboe

J C Bach Sinfonia Saxophone

J S Bach Minuet Clarinet

J S Bach Minuet for Anaa Magdelena Clarinet

J S Bach Sonata in Gm Oboe

J S Bach Air on a G String Saxophone

J S Bach Air on a G String Saxophone

J S Bach Bouree Saxophone

J S Bach Musette Saxophone

Janacek Three Moravian Folk Songs Clarinet

Joplin Paragon Rag Clarinet

Joplin Solace Clarinet

Kalliwoda Morceau de Salon Oboe

Lefevre Sonata No 2 Clarinet

Lefevre Sonata No1 Clarinet

Lefevre Ten Short Pieces Clarinet

Liadov Chants Populaires Russes Oboe

Locke Saraband Oboe

Loeillet Sonata No 4 Oboe

Lutoslawski Dance Preludes Clarinet

MacDowell To A Wild Rose Clarinet

Macpherson Romance Oboe

Maltby Heather on the Hill Saxophone

Marais Romance Oboe

Marcello Concerto in Dm Oboe

Marcello Largo Saxophone

Mascagni Intermezzo Sinfonico Saxophone

Michael Head Three Hill Songs Oboe

Michael Henry Three Interludes Saxophone

Moritz Pavan Clarinet

Mozart Allegro Clarinet

Mozart Concerto Clarinet

Mozart Divertimento I Clarinet

Mozart Divertimento II Clarinet

Mozart Lullaby Clarinet

Mozart Menuetto Clarinet

Mozart Quintet Clarinet

Mozart Symphony No39 Clarinet

Mozart Concerto Oboe

Mozart Divertimento Oboe

Mozart K280 Oboe

Mozart K545 Oboe

Mozart Minuet Saxophone

Mussorgsky Tranen Oboe

Mussorgsky The Old Castle Saxophone

Oberthur Reminiscences de Joie Clarinet

Offenbach Barkarole Saxophone

Paradis Sicillienne Clarinet

Peter Dickinson Lullaby Oboe

Pleyel Andante and Rondo Oboe

Praetorius Tanz des Burgermeisters Clarinet

Prokofieff Lieutenant Kije Clarinet

Prokofieff Lieutenant Kije Saxophone

Purcell Rondeau Clarinet

Purcell Air for Oboe Oboe

Purcell Air from Harpsichord Pieces Oboe

Purcell Hornpipe Oboe

Purcell Air Saxophone

Rameau Contredanse Clarinet

Rameau Rigaudon Oboe

Rameau Les Tendres Paintes Saxophone

Rameau Saraband Saxophone

Read Song Without Words Clarinet

Reger Romance Clarinet

Reineck Landler Clarinet

Rheinberger Intermezzo Oboe

Ridout Combat Oboe

Rousseau Reverie Oboe

Rowley Pavan Oboe

Rubinstein Melodie Saxophone

Rubinstein Melodie Saxophone

Saint Seans Sonata Clarinet

Sammartini Sonata in G Oboe

Satie Gymnopedie No3 Oboe

Satie Gymnopedie No1 Saxophone

Schein Allemande Saxophone

Schubert An Die Musik Clarinet

Schubert Bliss Clarinet

Schubert Two Songs Clarinet

Schubert Serenade Saxophone

Schumann By the Fireside Clarinet

Schumann Romances Oboe

Schumann Song of the Italian Sailors Oboe

Schumann En Fredonnant Saxophone

Schumann Melodie Saxophone

Schumann Petite Romance Saxophone

Scott The Fascinator Clarinet

Sullivan The Policeman's Song Saxophone

Swain Two Contrasts Clarinet

Tartini Concertino for Clarinet Clarinet

Tchaikovsky Reverie Clarinet

Tchaikovsky Rocco Variations Clarinet

Tchaikovsky Reverie Oboe

Tchaikovsky Chanson Italienne Saxophone

Tchaikovsky Chanson Triste Saxophone

Tchaikovsky Old French Song Saxophone

Telemann Partita No2 Oboe

Telemann Sonata in Gm Oboe

Telemann Suite in Gm Oboe

Tessarini Sonata in Bb Oboe

Thiere Serenade Oboe

Verdi Slaves Chorus from Nabucco Saxophone

Vinter First Song Clarinet

Vivaldi Four Seasons Clarinet

Vivaldi Concerto in D Oboe

Vivaldi Four Seasons Oboe

Vivaldi Minuetto Oboe

Warlock Basse Danse Clarinet

Weber Melodie Clarinet

Weber Petite Fantasy (Oberon) Clarinet

Weber Seven Variations Clarinet

Wolf-Ferrari Strimpellata Saxophone